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    The Microsoft Hololens

    An overview of our mission

    The Vision

    We hope to build an application for the Microsoft Hololens that will essentially be closed-captioning for students and people who are hearing impaired. When using an augmented reality devices, like the Hololens, the images are displayed over the real-world the user already sees. The Hololens overlays new information and new images on top of our existing environment. This technology and what it can allow users to do inspired our group to think about how we can actually help people and better others’ lives.


    Meet Our Team

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    Rochelle Still

    Rochelle Still, Project Manager

    Responsible for overseeing deliverables of our project. Facilitating group discussions and meetings. Ensuring we are meeting project timelines. Responsible for guiding project strategy development.

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    Patrick Carton

    Patrick Carton, Head Developer

    Responsible for the bulk of coding and making sure the deliverables are in a functioning state before turn-in. Experience with a variety of projects on a similar scale. Proficient coding in many of the popular languages.

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    Kemani Miles

    Kemani Miles, Website Designer

    Tasks and responsibilities for this project will be designing the website for our product along with being the public speaker for this product. Making a website that will highlight our product using Bootstrap or Wordpress.

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    Annakate Pitts

    Annakate Pitts, Brand Manager

    Branding our project through design (logos, etc.). Designing deliverables for Slam. Working with Designer (Grason) on understanding project design and assisting her with knowledge of 3D design

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    Grason Passmore

    Grason Passmore, Designer

    Responsible for working on the design and modeling aspects that come with building and coding for the Microsoft Hololens. Responsible for learning, through many tutorials, how to do designs for the application, clARify.