Who Are We?

    Hololens clARify magnifies the experience for it's users.

    What is Microsoft Hololens?

    This is the newest technology by Microsoft. The Microsoft Hololens is a headset that implements augmented reality for the user, making items and settings be placed into real life environment.

    What does the Hololens do?

    Using augmented reality, the user will be able to see images that are not usually there through the headset. The user will be able to access the internet, play games, and other apps.

    Who are the Main users?

    Gamers, tech geeks and designers but, for the purpose of our project, it will be for students that are hard of hearing. The Hololens will be using real-time captioning with AR technology and for hands-free use.

    What is Hololens- clARify?

    clARify is an application that would essentially provide real-time closed-captioning for students that is deaf or hard of hearing.

    How is this used?

    clARify is used by having live citations for the users while in class. So, if a person is hearing impaired, they be able to use the Hololens and the clARify app. Through the app, a person will see words on the screen as a teacher or student talks. They will be able to have live dications while still being able to write notes during class.

    What makes is this different?

    This application, through the Hololens, will move the technology industry forward. Hololens - clARify will hopefully be used in the future in classrooms and also for further research for people that are hard of hearing.

    The clARify Team

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